Selecting a new spring

Assuming you need a spring to do a job and you have no idea what to get, you are going to have to do some trial and error to get there, unless you are a mathematician¬† and can calculate the ‘Rate’ and understand exactly what that means, you will need to start with elimination.

Ask your self a few questions.

What diameter would fit best?

  • If it has to fit over a bar, then the internal diameter need to be slightly bigger than the bar
  • If it has to fit in a hole, then the outside diameter needs to be slightly smaller than the hole

What lengths will it need to be?

  • This is not so important as I cut the springs to length for you and you can cut them shorter if needed, but in the case of a Tension spring, you need to know the overall length, which is usually the distance between the mounting points.

Which type of steel should I use?

  • I have Stainless steel wire and Carbn steel (music wire), Stainless wire is slightly softer than the Carbon and is usually used near Food, or where Hygene is important. Aslo in marine or outdoor uses. But the Carbon wire is coated (usually galvenised) to prevent Rust.

What wire diameter should I use?

  • This is the thousand dollar question as it is possibly the most important maesurement, although the other dimentions are all relevant to the springs strength.
  • Unless you are the above mentioned mathematician, you will need to look at the pictures on the spring listings and make a guess as ‘that looks about right!’. If you can not decide, buy a few short length (30mm) and try them in your hands, that usually narrows it down considerably.

Having decided roughly what you need, go to my spring list and see what I have got, this usually narrows it down even further as I can not stock every size!

If you are still struggling, give me a ring on 01492535595 and I will try to help.