Springs and Things specialise in finding products that are hard to find or expensive to buy, and offering them to you at afordable prices with fast delivery. This makes us useful for anyone who – restores old or repairs new items, builds prototypes  or experimental items, or just needs one item to fit their job quickly.

  • The Springs are cut to the length you require from long lengths of stock  springs, supplied by UK top manufacturers. Some are available up to 1 meter in length.
  • The Vintage Meccano is not only great for collectors and builders, it is very useful for making prototypes or one off constructions for specific jobs.
  • The ‘Things‘ are a collection of products that I have needed and found either difficult to source or just too expensive to buy in small quantities, so I have sourced them from the manufacturers and offer them to you individualy or cut to the length you require, thus saving you the cost of buying in bluk and paying the high carriage costs.

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