About Springs and things

I am an ex boat builder and engineer and like to ‘fiddle’ and ‘experiment’ . Thanks to the Internet, such things are now possible. In years gone by, trying to make anything out of the ordinary entailed hours of searching catalogs to find the parts, then days waiting for them to arrive, thankfully almost anything you need now is only 24hrs away on the internet.

But I had a lot of trouble getting springs for one project and ending up buying many more than I needed, so I sold them on Ebay, which got me thinking…

There are quite a few product out there that are still difficult to get without buying too many or paying excessive postage for.

Hence Springs and Things, so far we have a reasonable range of springs with more being added each order. We are also adding other products as and when we can find suitable items, any suggestions would be welcome.

I hope we can be of use to you and your friends.


We also sell on  Ebay worldwide.

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