Spring F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Post and Packing

All orders to mainland UK, P&P is £0.99 regardless of quantity

All orders received before 3:30pm on a weekday are packed and posted first class the same day if possible.


If you have any problems with any of out products, or I have messed up your order, please let me know by the contact page and I will reply ASAP. One way or another we will correct the issue for you.


NOTE: These springs are cut from continuous lengths so they do not have the conventional machine finished ends.

Spring strength

The strength of a spring is shown by the ‘Rate’ value.

For the techies the rate is the number of Newtons applied per mm of deflection. Below are some useful conversions to help you calculate it.


 For the rest of us, 1 is very soft and 50 is very hard

Spring ordering

Select the spring size you want then select the wire size/material that suits. Enter the length you require and the number you require, the add the items to the cart.

NOTE: If you are happy cutting springs yourself, you can order a long length (up to 600mm) and cut your springs as you need them.

Once you have finished adding items to the cart, select ‘view cart’ and follow the screens to payment.

Spring selection

The spring size shown is the Outside diameter (OD).

The select box offers you the Wire diameter and the material it is made of.

The Rate of each spring is shown in the Spring table available from the top menu

To calculate the Inside diameter (ID) :-

ID = OD – 2 x wire diameter – 5% of OD

This is a good guide, but ask me to measure a spring if it is important!


See the Spring Data page for more info.